About Us

"Laughter is brighter where food is good." - Irish Proverb

Give your family and friends a reason to smile and laugh each day with American Kitchen products.

Product Range:

American Kitchen based in Wilmington, Delaware is engaged in the export marketing of the finest and most authentic American Food products such as Condiments, Spreads, Pickles, Beverages, Canned Food, Frozen Foods, Snacks & Non Food products such as Aluminium Foils, Cling Wraps, Kitchen Towels, Food wraps, Food Storage Bags, Food Containers etc.

Quality Standards:

To ensure high quality standards, all of our food and packaging products undergo thorough inspection and meet the US FDA standards.


The company is stepping toward set goals to become one of the leading exporters of FMCG (Food & Non Food Products) worldwide.

Product from USA

The Original American Taste for today's lifestyle!